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Thread: Antenna installation

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    Question Antenna installation

    Last year I researched installing my new VHF antenna and found it was advised to mount it on the opposite side of the boat to eliminate interference. Now I am going to install an in dash stereo. I received an 8' AM/FM antenna to match my existing antenna for xmas. The stereo will be mounted on the opposite side of the boat compared to the VHF radio. I am assuming that the antennas should also be mounted on opposite sides. Anyone have any experience with this setup or if there is a better place or wrong place to put it?

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    Default Antenna mounting

    I believe you've been correctly informed; keeping your antennas as far apart as practical will give you the best performance. Unless your boat is really good-sized, you may not have very many options about where you can mount the antennas. Like any antenna installation, good connections and the correct size coax is usually more critical to performance than about anything else. I run a pair of 14' 9db gain Shakespeare Galaxys and find them to be good for 25+ under most conditions. They're mounted on opposite sides of the boat from each other so they're as far apart as practical. I'm willing to bet that the AM-FM radio band frequencies are far enough from the marine VHF band frequencies so any interference would be minimal...but there are experts out there who would know for sure. Have a great holiday! SEMike


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