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Thread: Leupold Xtended Twilight?

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    Default Leupold Xtended Twilight?

    Does it work and is the glass and coatings used in the xtended twilight system that much better than older VX3 models? Or is this just another gimmick?

    I'm considering a VX3 for my 35 Whelen. Kinda interested to hear about what other people think about the extended twilight.

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    Ive heard that products that claim to "extend" things are false and play on the male desire for, well, extending things....
    pull my finger....

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    It's not the size of the wave that matters, but the motion of the ocean. I heard that somewhere but the wife keeps telling me the size of my wave is overwhelming. Maybe I just need to get the motion thing down pat and I'll finally be a happy man.

    Kinda interested to hear if this stuff actually works or not. If not the good ol VX2 3-9 might be my choice of optics. In all reality I'm not going to harvest more animals due to a scope that costs $250 more than the VX2, so I am leaning in that direction. I, more or less, want to weigh my options before I make the final decision.


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