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    Anyone know anything about the fitting of a Brooks Range Jacket? Is it a generous cut meant for layering?

    I usually wear a large size in most hunting jackets (Cabela's) or other types of jackets (Patagonia fleece). In sportscoats/suits I wear a size 42. Since I'm in Louisiana and obviously have to order one without the ability to try it on, I'm just curious if I'm more suited to a medium or large...without getting into a long distance exchange program.

    Integral Designs (mfg. of the Brooks Range Jacket) has this info about their parkas...

    Sleeve length 31" (XS) 32" (S) 33" (M) 34" (L) 35" (XL)
    Chest 30-32" (XS) 34-36" (S) 38-40" (M) 42-44" (L) 46-48" (XL)

    but, they have this info regarding the Dolomitti Jacket

    Small 42" chest, 40" waist, 30" sleeve, 23" front, 27" back
    Medium 46" chest, 44" waist, 32" sleeve, 24" front, 29" back
    Large 50" chest, 48" waist, 33" sleeve, 24" front, 29" back
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    I don't own one, but try them on just about every time I'm in the shop. I think they run a bit on the large size. I wear a large in the Cabelas Trans Alaska Insulator Parka and Canada Goose Parka, but probably would get a medium Brooks. Really depends if it will be your only outer insulating layer and what kind of raingear you have. If I was 3,500 miles away and could only choose one, I would probably play it safe and get the large! Why not buy both and ship the one that doesn't fit back in a $10 USPS Priority mailer?

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    I do not own one either but have tried them on in the store and agree with Wyatt they are just a little larger than most jackets in comparable sizes or looser fit if you want to word it that way. I normally wear a large and their large was a little looser on me but I would chose that over a medium in my case.

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    I work at Barney's from time to time and I also own the coat and pant. I wear a large coat. I'm a fair size guy thought, but trim. 6'0", 205lbs, 44" chest, 34" waist. The coat is generous. The pants tend to run smaller. I wear an XL pant.

    What are your dimentions? Personally I'd rather go a little big than a little tight.


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    Thanks for the replies guys. You made my decisions easier.
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    I just ordered and received a brooks range from barney's. after looking at the integral designs site seeing the measurements on the domitti i thought
    i would order a large. the measurements on the XL looked huge. i am 6'4",
    220 and wear a 46-48 coat. barney's was out of the large and had 1 XL so i got it. i'm glad i did because it fits perfectly. in my opinion the integral designs site is way off on their meas.. good luck.


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