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    took my first chance at doing some predator callin this weekend with no luck. anyone in the fairbanks area out with any luck maybe someone would be willing to take a rookie for some practice see how things are done.

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    well i sat out for 3hrs on fri from bout 5pm till 8pm out in the yukon training area i was using a mouth call. any suggestions dont really have the money to go electronic maybe a better time of day that people might be seeing predators in the fairbanks area. something any help would be appreciated

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    I have gotten used to it, I havent seen a coyote since early spring and I go out almost every weekend.

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    I hunted coyotes and fox for years around Fairbanks. The first thing you have to do is go to an area that isn't either overrun by the G.I.'s or is easy access. (I am retired Air Force that was stationed at Eielson for 8 years, so please don't be upset with me for saying that). I mean no disrespect, but anywhere around Eielson, the flood control project area or Ft. WW training areas will have heavy pressure from the military folks. Nothing wrong with that, just too much pressure for success calling predators. Bonanza or Rosie Creek, while high use areas, won't have as much pressure. Go up the Steese or Elliott Highways north of Fox and find a place that is not crowded, then get as far off the road as possible. If you don't have a snowmobile, go on snowshoes. Good winter camo is a must and watch the wind. Watch where you set up. If you are in the open, you must restrict your movements. Find something to hide behind or break up your outline, if possible, but be aware that is where they are looking for threats from. You don't need high-dollar electronic calls, but they sure are convenient. A mouth call of a wounded rabbit will work wonders. A mouse squeaker is a must in my opinion. I have called them in with these when all the rabbit calling in the world wouldn't bring them in. They can hear much better than most think. I would advise getting a casette of the sounds and practice with your mouth call. Electronic calls can freeze in that brutal cold.
    I was quite successful on both coyotes and fox, and occasionally linx up there. I went out on my own most of the time but a good partner can be good if they work with you.
    I had the best luck right after sunrise, but have shot fox and coyotes all day long. The Yukon training area is alright, but if you are on Skyline, Johnson or Brigadier Road, they are very overused, and not just hunters.
    Practice and practice some more, keep the wind in your face, watch behind you, and expect the unexpected. One thing a lot of newcomers do is blow or blast their calls too loud. Think about the level a rabbit or mouse might squeal. I have seen and hear some guys with $500.00 callers blasting them so loud the sound was distorted, only to complain they never saw anything. I did, too when I first started. A friend of mine who predator hunted for years told me the trick is to start soft, don't over-call and wait a few minutes between calls. A crafty coyote can sneak upon you without being seen if you aren't really paying attention, and can bust you without you even knowing they are there if you aren't careful.
    Hope this helped, and good luck. The farther you can get away from crowds, the less more successful you will be.
    Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to call them right behind the housing areas, as I have done many times. But, learning their ways takes a lot of practice and time to get where you can outsmart the wary ones.
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    One more thing, if your gun or equipment is shiny or reflective, you need to dull everything down with paint, tape or cover materials. A flash of the sun off a watch, gun or glasses will send even the most stupid coyote or fox into the next drainage.
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    Thanks for the info i was one to blame for callin to loud then probably really wasnt sure but will give that a try now startin off lower. I was trying out in the husky dz didnt really look like alot of traffic or people walkin back in there but im sure people are all over back in there like u said. Well anyway thanks for all the advice back at it this weekend.


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