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Thread: Aire floor leaking air.

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    Default Aire floor leaking air.

    I took the aire sdp out last week and after the trip, as usual, I inflated it in the garage to let it dry-out before storing. I noticed the next morning that the floor had gone almost completely flat. I pumped it back up and now it's flat again. I did notice the pressure relief valve hissing after inflation this last time. Is there an easy solution to this? I suppose I should just remove the air cells from the floor and make sure there's not a rock, grit of sand, etc. in the valve or something? Anything I should be careful of when removing the cell?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Aire Floor

    When I check for problems with Aire floors I check the valves first. Put a little soapy water in the valve and if the valve starts to foam you need to get a leafield B-7 rebuild kit. However, this usually is not the problem because B-7 valves are pretty bomber. Some sdp have C-7's on the floor which are more prone to this type of failure. If its a flat valve...C-7. Shaped like a mushroom...B-7

    A more common issue is improper seating of fabrics between the valve. The inner floor fabric and outer skin needs to be aligned perfectly between the inner valve component and the outer valve that screws/tightens them all together. If the fabrics are not lined up when the valve is tightened the floor will not hold air for long.

    If the valve is seated properly I'll unzip and move on to the pressure relief valve, which you mentioned was hissing. That valve is designed to hold air to 2.4 psi so its okay if the valve is hissing due to over-inflation but if if doesn't stop unscrew it with your valve wrench and replace it.

    Now that the valves are all checked the only other problem could be a hole in the fabric. For this you'll have to take the floor completely out and inflate it to pressure. Spray floor with soapy water and any leaks will immediately present themselves. Patch whatever leaks you find.

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    Default Careful...

    If your boat is less than ten years old, even this is covered on your warranty. So if it's not easily resolved, I'd advise bringing it along on your next trip to Anchorage, take it to Alaska Raft & Kayak and have Tracey give it a once-over. ARK is the warranty repair store for AIRE and they know their stuff.

    Most likely you have a bit of sand trapped in there. If you have access to pressurized air you might try a shot of that, to blow the sand out. I would avoid bladder removal unless you are sure it's not the valve and your warranty is expired. Bladder removal isn't hard, but unless you've done before, there are ways of making the situation worse.

    Short of taking it to the shop, I'd advise viewing AIRE's repair videos on their site. They go over DIY valve troubleshooting and floor removal procedures there.

    Hope it helps!

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    Hello Scottsum -

    Looks like you are in Kenai.

    From the sound of things ---
    You took the AIRE SDP out in freezing conditions... not certain how cold it was on water that day, if you trailored it or folded it up afterward, and what the conditions plus time-frame from off water to inside the garage was. All these factors can cause some problems (more often you'll find problems like this on the floor - simply more going on there on the AIRE in terms of supported material bladder 'fabric' more exposure to the B7 or C7 valve and the pressure relief valve). All good components just more often a few issues.

    As Mike related, AIRE has the 10-year warranty that would cover this sort of thing --- agree there is an AIRE video (comes w/ the boats) that is well done and easy to follow.

    You are doing some good things so far.... getting it warm and dry in a heated garage.

    Alex gave you some good information and self-helpful tips... I've introduced teenagers with little attention span that have never been in a raft or run down rivers ale to have followed these simple guidelines successfully. Save some gas and time. Dive right in there and get to know your boat!

    Just a few thoughts -

    a. Ice formation with expansion in or around inflation/deflation and or pressure relief valves... making them a little loose or damaging the air retention components w/in the valves to cracking the main body.

    b. Damage or lamination issues to the floor itself.

    c. Previous damage showing its face again

    When confused... yes a little caution is good... if you can't find a solution ask more questions here (nice job in response Alex), call Tracy Harmon, or AIRE - especially if under warranty. If not save yourself gas money, winter driving issues, travel time, and get back on the water.

    Where you out fishing? I've been out Ice-Fishing rainbows and Char... doing well locally also in the Mat-Valley on stockers.

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    Default Aire Floor

    if your floor still has issues and your boat is under 10years old give us a call and we can make arrangements to get it here and take care of the problem. we will fix it and get it back to you. regards mark

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    Default aire floor

    should have mentioned we are alaska raft and kayak the aire dealer

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    Default Thanks

    O.k. thanks guys. I'll get it up there and let you guys take care of it.


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