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Thread: Quiet shooting bows...accessories

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    Default Quiet shooting bows...accessories

    Before the snow came, I was shooting outdoors at Ft Rich. Couldn't help but notice how quiet the older bow being shot next to me was. I know that the bow you are holding will tend to sound louder to you, but have been interested in learning what makes bows quieter or louder and how accessories contribute.

    As I understand it, certain design features/accessories can contribute to bow quiet or noise:

    1. Parallel limbs: are quieter than nonparallel limbs
    2. Speed: faster shooting bows make more noise
    3. Stabilizers: can help dampen vibration and reduce noise
    4. Limb dampeners reduce vibration/noise
    5. Add on gear, such as quivers, can add vibration and noise unless mounted with rubber gaskets

    Is quiet becoming as important as speed? Do accessories really help?

    Some comments also in other threads on quiet below:

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    and many more.

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    Is quiet becoming as important as speed?

    In the industry, no

    should it be yes?

    Speed of sound is over 1100fps (give or take a little). Your bow is shooting if you're lucky over 300 fps. For someone hunting cagey animals like whitetails, you can easily see the math. I've seen caribou duck a compound under 30 yards. Dont think it happens often but seeing definatly was believing!

    I dont shoot compounds, cant answer those questions. The one I can answer is changing to a skinnier string (dyna97 8 strand vs my old 15 strand) really shut my longbow up...if it wasnt quiet with silencers before it's deathly quiet without them now. I'm going to add some small silencers just for kicks.....


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