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Thread: Dixie Terminator vs A Ton of Angus Bull

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    Default Dixie Terminator vs A Ton of Angus Bull

    Hello Friends from the Sunshine State! I just thought I would drop by and say Merry Christmas to all up there!
    By the way......For those that still have doubts about the lethal potential of heavy full bore solids at a moderate velocity in rifled shotgun barrels.......please drop by Dixie's forum ( and check out Todd Corder's post about the big Angus bull he had to put down. I really don't know how a ton of Angus bull would relate to what you fellows shoot? Maybe you all can give me some feed back since Big Bears, etc at scarce for test down here.
    Best Regards To All, James

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    Smile It's a start!!!

    I read the post and a few others as well on that forum. From just a penetration point it looks like it would do the job. Especially the skull and vertabrae shot.
    I'm looking forward to the post on the spring black bear hunt in Alaska to see how they perform on a living critter. Since I'll already be up there I may be the last to find out!
    Or perhaps I can get invited to tag along?
    In any event I am going to give them a try....



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    Hello Reuben and All.....I am the first to say that I don't have a clue as to what is needed for the big bears!.........that's why I am asking you all.
    However, when I hear that there are slugs in use, I would like to see how our design stands up when used by people that can tell me facts.....not speculation.
    I will ask Todd to have the recovered slug/bullets weighed on a set of scales that go above 500 grains to see how much of the 730 grains remained.
    Thanks to everyone and Regards, James


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