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Thread: 358 200gr CLRN penitration?

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    Question 358 200gr CLRN penitration?

    I need to ask this here where you guy regularly shoot very large game. Just how much penitration to you get from a 35cal 200gr CLRN? I load this at 2160fps in my 35rem.

    The reason I am asking is the 35 rem has kill thousends of eastern moose and black bears. I can load the 220gr speer and I am thinking it not really needed with the 200gr CLRN loaded up as I do. For a good 400lbs bear load I do want 100% penitration and I hunt close 30 yards max and would pick my shoots like I do bow hunting.

    I have shot three bears between 300-375lb with my bow so I entend to just watch untill I get a true big bear and I have not used on gun yet.

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    I've only shot deer and one elk with it. All were from the 35 Rem in a Marlin or Contender, except the elk, which was a 357 Herret. I've always had full penetration on broadside lung shots, and since that's mostly what I take, I haven't recovered a lot of bullets. I have recovered two on angling shots- one from the front and one from the rear. Classic mushrooms and lots of penetration, and therefore the lack of recovered bullets. I did recover the one from the elk launched by the Herret. Shot was about 50 yards broadside and the bullet hung under the hide on the far side. If I recall correctly, that bullet weighed just shy of 150 grains when recovered.

    All that doesn't prove much for bear, but leads me to guess that it will do dandy on broadside shots, and even on angling shots provided the angle is such that the bullet can still reach vitals.

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    The 200gr CLRN has excelent expansion much more than the hotcores have but the speers excel in penitration. So If I can have both as with the CLRN if loaded correctly I get both shock and auh.

    I suspect on a broadside lung shot if only mussle is hit say one shoulder with no bone even on an elk it would exit. If I hit the off side shoulder the heart/aorta should be gone so tracking should be short. From a tree the down ward angle should get an exit as well.

    Those with experance with the 200gr CLRN keep it coming I would love to hear more.


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