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Thread: Fly-in Air Charters for Moose in GMU13

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    Default Fly-in Air Charters for Moose in GMU13

    Hello! I am new to this forum with the purpose of learning more about hunting in the great state of Alaska. I have never hunted in Alaska. I have hunted for mule deer and elk in Utah (Southwestern UT - Deer), Arizona (Kaibab National Forest - Deer & Show Low/Payson Areas - Elk), and New Mexico (Gila National Forest - Deer & Elk) since I was 16 years old. I have always wanted to hunt the Yukon Bull Moose in Alaska and this year I applied for a draw tag in GMU 13B, 13E, and 13A without a good understanding of the territory or effective ways to hunt moose. My primary objective is to enjoy my experience in Alaska's wilderness with my Dad.

    I recently bought and read Hunting in Alaska by Chris Batin and also purchased the Delorme Alaska Atlas & Gazetteer from this website to start the research and education process. I appreciate all of the good information members of this forum have shared which has been a great resource for my research.

    I like to think of myself as an avid outdoorsman and adventurer who does not want to go on a fully guided hunt. I am interested in a fly-in, drop off, and do it yourself hunt with my Dad if I draw a tag. What is the name and contact info of recommended Fly-in Charters that service GMU 13 and what city does the services depart from? I would like to start the dialogue process with recommended charters now, instead of waiting until March when the draw results come out. Is there a better style of hunt that is recommended for someone like me? Thank you in advance for your help.


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    Default Air Service

    Meekins Air Service, they are located just off the Glenn HWY, about 10 miles past the Matsu Glacier recreation site. check out their website, you'll get the info there.

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    If you get the permit, come back and post up which area you got. The distances are too great to go posting all the possible air taxis, only to learn you are going to hunt on the other side of the unit. The difference is hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
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    Meekins (near Sheep Mt) or Lee's Air Taxi (a little further down the hwy) are good bets for Unit 13 flying. So is Copper Valley Air (Glenallen).


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