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Thread: Anchorage Home Base/ Fishing.

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    Planning on a trip back to Alaska. Live in Florida now. Trying to plan a fishing trip for 3 buddies. We're going to stay with a friend in Anchorage. Planning on renting a car and driving to rivers/streams. What time of year would be best for kings/sockeye? Location advice would be great. We're all seasoned anglers...aka...salmon/steelhead etc. We are also considering to do a fly out trip/ bush plane, any recommendations. Also, we want to do a halibut charter for a day or two, depending on regulations. Is it still 1 halibut limit in the anchorage area.

    Thanks, any suggestions and advice would be great.


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    Ok, Ill get this started

    Kings and sockeyes Mid to late july. Kenai river. 2nd run of kings should be solid by then and if all goes right the reds should be flowing big time into the kenai. You can fish them both right out of soldotna area;

    Butts. We are not a 1 fish limit. That is in SE alaska. It is still 2 here. We have not gone to a 1 fish limit. Of course there are many places to chase butts. Homer, deep creek, ninilchick. I love ebb tide charters out of deep creek. He is a member here, with an awesome boat, and a great guy with his boy as his deckhand. Good prices too and will chase fish and work with you. YOu also hav ethe option of hitting seward in july foir butts and rockfish, Plus usually there are silvers there too and depending on what area your fishing you can get up to 6 of them

    As far as fly outs well that is not my cup of tea so I will leave that one for the boys that know what they are talking about
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    Default Re:

    Ketchikan is a beautiful place with some fabulous fishing. You can catch all 5 species of Northern Pacific salmon, trout, halibut and more. Most people donít realize the excellent bottom fishery in the waters near Ketchikan, Alaska.The fishing seasons run through the summer and into fall with the king salmon fishing picking up in mid-May and ending at the end of July. The silver salmon get started in mid-July and they go through early October with September being their peak time.While fishing for big halibut, you may also catch a number of other species such as ling cod, red snapper, sharks, sea bass, rock cod and grey cod.

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    Dan - Welcome aboard! While Chuck's advice on late July is solid, you will only be able to fish the Kenai for kings. You need to decide what is your primary target and which one you would rather have more options for. If you really want to nail the reds and maybe spend a day chasing kings on arguably the most crowded king river in the state, go with late July. Personally, I would go for mid-June. Sockeye fishing opens on the Russian River on June 11th, and in recent years the first few days of the season have been stellar in the clear water of the Russian itself (as opposed to downstream of the confluence with the Kenai, where the season will also be open). It can be crowded, but if you walk upriver you can find great fishing and fewer people. The nice thing about June is that the kings should be rolling in a lot of other rivers. You can still fish for 1st run Kenai kings, but you can also fish any number of other Kenai Peninsula rivers in addition to a lot of rivers north of Anchorage in the Susitna drainage. Furthermore, a fly-out for kings would be much more feasible in mid-June rather than late July. As an added benefit, the chances for sunny weather are a bit better in June.

    Chuck is on the right track with halibut. There are none out of Anchorage, so you'll have to drive to Whittier, Seward, Ninilchik, or Homer. All are great options.

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    Default great link

    Here is a great link of different runs around the state. With a little time you can research when/where you want to go.

    Anchorage is a great place to stage out of. I am biased living here, but it's nice to be able to head north or south depending on where the fish are. Brian gave you some great advice imo. If I were you, I'd do my research and keep checking other threads as your trip gets closer, and keep asking questions.

    Oops I forgot you wouldn't know what is near anchorage and not. All these rivers are in range of anchorage.
    Eklutna tailrace, Little Susitna, Sheep Creek, Rabiduex creek, Montana Creek, Clear creek (by Talkeetna and requires a drop off or a boat or a guide). Umm some others I am not remembering.
    Kenai river, Deep Creek, Anchor river, kasilof river, Ninilchick, and some others.

    Whittier, Seward, Homer, Deep creek charters, Valdez (though it a long drive from anchorage, but not bad and is unbelievably beautiful on a good day.)
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    Default 2nd late July

    When first coming to Alaska late 90's we used to either time our trips around may or june; fishing was either usually a complete hit or complete miss (focusing on the Kenai river), not much in-between. For the last 7 or so years we've timed our trips from about July 18th thru Aug 8th and that's worked out pretty well for both kings & reds.

    While fishing (specifically salmon runs) is not guaranteed, I feel that's the best time if the river is going to be one of your priorities. That's the limit of my experience.

    What type of fly out trips are you looking for (fish species)?

    Good luck, Jim


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