I've been helping a customer install a ED on his new 29' Trophy. This rig is going to be a rocketship with its twin 250HP outboards!!! We figured a flush mount would work out nicely for this type of boat, its out of the way but handy for other uses like landing a big halibut (get the fish up on the oppsite side of the boat as the hauler, stick a line through the gills run the rope through the hauler and look out its comm'in over the rail and in the boat) also to pull his anchor or with the right davit set up to lift a dingy on to the roof. Today we finished getting the hauler installed and assembled in the cabinet its mounted in. I've got to give credit to Kip at Burkeshore Marina in Big Lake for diving in and doing a lot of the install work and he's also going to run the wiring to the switch & hauler. Kip is also doing all of the extra electronics installs and wiring of this boat. Here's a few pictures and i'll post a couple more in another post.