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    3) Treat others as you would have them treat you. Netspeak: no flames. Comment on outdoor related ideas is welcome; comment on people is not. This also applies to the personal message (PM) system.
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    7) We do not permit negative comments about individuals, businesses or organizations. If a question is posted about a business, it is best to respond privately. The issue is one of liability for us. These forums are a public service, and we are unwilling to deal with the potential for litigation that could destroy our business. The easiest answer for us is "no negative comments." If you have had a bad experience, simply indicate that you have had experience with the company in question and invite people to contact you privately.
    8) We do not allow posting and discussion of violators and their alleged violations listed in police blotters, state trooper reports, etc. See this thread for the reasons why.
    I have read the thread dealing with game violations and the violater that has resulted in the closing of the thread. I realize this is a private forum and do respect the owner's right to control the content of the posts herein. I am troubled however by the weilding of the axe by certain of the moderators. It sometimes seems that their opinion and comments are within the lines but members' comments are not. I quoted the rules above to, I guess, reinforce my observations that the members' comments about a convicted individual's actions and what seemed to be opinions about the guiding industry's shortcommings (with which opinions I strongly disagree from my personal experience). Even though I disagree with a person's comments I truly believe that person has every right to express it. My options are, not to read it; read it and shake my head (or fist); or to read it and respond, using my own chosen words. I have learned a lot from this forum. For that I am grateful. I am disappointed in the highly restriced environment that seems to be squelching a free exchange of thoughts and opinions. I suppose my options are as before: not to read the posts (leave); read them and shake my head; or read them and try to find some language (that the moderators might find politically correct and not offensive to their views) to respond. If we move much further toward total censorship, the first option will probably become the most attractive.

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    i belive the moderators closed the thread because it was becoming a repetative arguement that kept coming back and using one particular outfitters name. it crosses a line of morality when you point fingers at someone who's got enough problems at the moment (kickin' a dead horse, rubbin' salt in the wound...ect.), it is also the holiday season. Just becuse someone did something wrong, dont' excatly give us all the rights in the world to freely bash them in public, and if it did/does, that doesn't make it right or necessary. Or more so, they moderators on this forum i belive have the right to regulate what goes on in here, its a privatly owned forum, not the public. you have a choice to be here, they have a choice to regulate what happens in their "house" so to speak.


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