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Thread: black bear ammo

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    Default black bear ammo

    What defense load would be suggested for black bear in 357 mag, 44 mag, 44 special, and 12 gauge?

    What holster could be concealed while carrying a S & W 329-44 mag and wearing a backpack?

    Thank you for your time and energy!

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    well, first off, blackies are not usually what we are concerned with here, but it sounds like you already have a .44, and it would be more than adequate, assuming you can shoot it.
    why you would want to conceal a pistol you are carrying "for bears" confuses me, though ... open carry is best, then the bears see you are serious and will leave you alone.
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    Make a little noise when your in the thick stuff and you won't have to worry about it.

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    Blackies are generally skittish and if you make any amount of ruckus they beat it pretty quick. The only place I've actually been worried about blackies is the coastal trail in Anchorage...

    But- to answer your question they're actually pretty lightly built after you skin one out. I've seen one totally hammered by a 30-06 and one hit with a single .480 Ruger round. DRT. The -06 broke both shoulders, exited and is still whistling across the tundra for all I know. That one was a 350lb sow so it was a very reasonable sized bear. The .480 on a smaller bear went clean through quartering to and dropped at the shot- I don't know that the results would have been any different with any of a dozen handgun cartridges.

    I think any reasonable load in a .44 ought to be plenty provided you can actually hit it. Any 12 ga slug will be fine too. You'll get a variety of opinions but on a blackie at DLP ranges I'd be fine with heavy buckshot. A heavy .357 should go stem to stern if you get one built for critters and not people (ie. Buffalo Bore 180s and such).

    If you talking bears I'd forget concealment holsters. From most accounts it would be all over before you got it out from under a shirt or jacket anyway. Most people prefer some kind of chest rig with a pack on.

    If you're in an area an openly carried handgun would be a problem I'd look at bear spray and a noisemaker. I'll leave that to your search prowess since its been plowed over here a bunch of times before and it drifts from your initial question considerably.

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    Carry it where you have access to it without ANY delays. It does no good in a pack or under clothes. If you are going to carry like that done bother. Blackies are not that tough. Any good .44 load or 12ga slug you are fine.


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