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Thread: How does the 450 bushmaster properly headspace??

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    Default How does the 450 bushmaster properly headspace??

    I'm confused regarding this cartridge. I already don't like it and I find it confusing because it doesnt appear to properly headspace. The cartridge is based off of a 284 winchester cut down, doesnt have a rim that is larger in diameter than the case wall, doesnt have a belted rim, doesnt have a do folks think this is ok?? basically it locks up in the chamber with just the rotating bolt of an AR-15 type that enough? Could straightwall cartridges in a rotating bolt lock up type rifle possibly not even need a means to headspace as long as the bullet doesnt contact the rifling?

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    Most semi automatic handgun cartridges headspace of the mouth of the case, also the M1 carbine rifle cartridge and a few other rifle cartridges.

    Like any other form of headspacing, the case has to be properly sized to the chamber, and all is fine. I haven't heard of any headspacing problems with the 450 bushmaster, and the way the internet is, if there were problems, you'd know about it.


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