Ever now and then you stumble onto something that you wander how you made it without it. This can be anything from a tool to a tip on how to do something. Anything that can help someone with anything to do with shooting or firearms please post it here.

I bought a pocket microscope at Radio Shack for about $12 (? I think) that has been very handy. It is lighted by 2 AAA batteries and has a maginifaction range of 60X-100X and will easily fit in your shirt pocket. It is very handy to see things like looking at the crown of a riffle. This little thing has come in handy many times since I bought it I checked the crown of a riffle today and it had a small fiber from a cleaning patch sticking out of the bore. It looked like a 1/2 inch rope in a well casing. It has been handy several times since I bought it.

Anyone that has a product or tip that helps them out pass it on to the rest of us.