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    Default xc skis

    Id like to get a decent set of xc skis again. When i was a kid back in the 70s i had wooden skis with cable like bindings. I actually liked them because i could wear a sorrel boot in them. They worked fine for the time, even skiied Arctic Valley to Indian in them. Are there sets out there that you can wear a warm boot for back country skiing. Those ski boots that are like as high on your foot as tennis shoes just dont seem to me to be the way to go..I know you can wear gators and all but is there any other options.

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    Default Backcountry boots

    They make boots now for backcountry that work well. Here is one for backcountry. I assume that's what your looking for in skis, something off groomed trails. If you want to ski groomed trails I would recomend the other type of boots and thinner skis. As far as backcountry skis go I would recomed getting something with a metal edge and also semi shaped so u can turn better going down hill.
    The atomic Rainer is a cool backcountry ski. It is semi shapped and a little wider so the floation in deep snow is decent. Good luck finding skis!


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