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Thread: aluminum exhaust manifolds

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    Default aluminum exhaust manifolds

    Any thoughts on aluminum vs. cast iron exhaust manifolds? Is the weight savings (100lb.) worth the extra cost ($300)? Are there any durability issues? The boat is 20' Grayling w/alum. headed 350 Chevy.


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    Default Hardin Marine headers

    I used Hardin Marine aluminum headers for years on performance ski boats. All with Big Block Chev's. They worked great in fresh water since they are wet headers and have a water cooled jacket they are not terribly hat and since they are aluminum they heat/cool quickly. Only trick was doubling the manifold-head gaskets or using extra thick Fel-pro gaskets since the head and manifold heat/cool at different rates. If you have aluminum heads this may not be as much of a problem. I have no clue how they hold up in salt water but they are fine for river/jet boats.

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    Wink Manifolds

    I use GLM Aluminum manifolds on my 406 SBC this is third year on them I have Edelbrock Aluminum heads. They work great I bought kit in Florida got them on sale 550.00 both sides box was 68lbs shipped ups to Soldotna. Kit was manifolds+ elbows bolts and gaskets. I have 2556 and they hold up great in salt water.


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