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Thread: can you figure out this problem?

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    Cool can you figure out this problem?

    you know what dry sump lubrication is right? well, that metal pipe that goes from the gear case to the engine head on my raptor 660, the hollow bolt, its stripped in the inside, not the bolt, but what you put the bolt into. what do i do? can i re-thread it? if i do, those bolts are hard to find. i dont even know if they sell them as a single bolt. i tried to put Teflon tape, but that just slid up to the exit hole on the hollow bolt. its stripped so that the bolt can move freely in and out. any suggestions?

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    Default Heli-coil

    If I understand your dilemma maybe you can fix it with a metric Heli-coil, thereby using the original special bolt, assuming your special hollow bolt is a standard metric thread size and you have enuf material to drill the over sized hole an insert the heli-coil.

    Heli-coil offers metric sizing...I fix a striped head bolt on a Yamaha outboard after the putz we hired let the thing over heat cause he was too stoned to notice the motor wasn't pea-in after he run thru a kelp bed.

    Good luck.
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    Default One extra note

    you can get them at Fastenal or Fire & Fasteners in Anchorage, metric may need to be ordered though.

    Good luck.
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