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Thread: Swarovski 80mm scope HD or NOT?

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    Default Swarovski 80mm scope HD or NOT?

    Getting a one of these scopes with the 20-60 power eyepiece.

    ATS 80 or ATS 80 HD

    HD or not? Any experiences? I haven't been able to look through either. Comparisons?



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    Not sure if this reply will be much help or not.... When I was buying my Swaro ATS (65 mm) I looked through the HD and regular non-HD. I couldn't tell a difference comparing them side by side, but that's just based on my eye sight. Seems I recall the salesman telling me you only gain benefit from the HD models if you're using the scope for digiscoping....? But then I recall a thread on here shortly after I bought mine where someone said the HD made a difference for them for regular scope use... Search the archives, I know the topic has came up in the past.

    One other option is to check some of the online birding forums and birding optic review sights. Those hardcore birders can be pretty fanatic about their optics (I'm related to a few!) and spend a lot of time looking through glass.

    Good luck.

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    Well if you are here in Alaska you can come by and look through one

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    HDs have clearer color definition which translates to clearer outlines rather than fuzzy. So if you're trying to count brow tines on a moose or count rings on a sheep or sex and judge trophy quality of goats at a distance the extra color definition and transitional clarity may be relevant.


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    Default HD

    If you are paying that kind of money go ahead and get the better glass. Even from an investment standpoint you will come out ahead if you ever have to part with it - it may happen to any of us esp. in this economy.

    Check EBay for the prices of used HD and non-HD scopes and you will see what I mean. Check both the prices and the number of bids on completed auctions. The same goes for the Lecia APO vs,. standard glass models.

    Remember also the conditions where the better glass makes a difference won't be found in a store. Checking them out there just isn't a valid comparison.
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