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  • pass thur

    15 50.00%
  • expell all energy in target and end up against hide on other side

    14 46.67%
  • bullet hold together./ jacket/ missing front 1/2 a "partition" ..etc

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  • DRT..this is the easy out.

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Thread: "wanted" bullet... Performance ..

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    Post "wanted" bullet... Performance ..

    poll time! been reading alot on here and other forms... what do u like in your bullet/hunting camp..why?

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    Default Not sure

    I'm not exactly sur what the question is .

    However if you want to know what I like in hunting camp ?

    IT's hot loose women and cold beer !! IF I have the wrong take on this thread please respond accordingly !
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    yeah, ill vote on Brav01's answer why is that not on the poll?

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    I based my reply on hunting in Alaska. If I was hunting whitetail in Michigan my thoughts might change. That said, I want my bullet to go all the way through, expanding along the way and leaving a decent-size exit hole on the other side. I want it to do this even if I hit a shoulder, rib or other bone. IMO the animals we hunt here are larger than elsewhere, and even though moose and caribou are not very tenacious, this performance gives me the highest probability of a lethal shot in a greater variety of animal/hunter positions. I don't have to worry about waiting for a perfect shot that may never come; if necessary I can take a less-desirable shot and have the confidence my bullet will anchor the animal by breaking major supporting bone structure on its way out.

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    To my thinking if the bullet expends all of its engery in the game the last half of its travel did little of the killing. I like pass through with a big hole all the way

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    Smile once again...

    This will always be argued. About all I can say is the bullet that does the most damage wins. If not having enough "what ever" to go thru an animal and theoretically "expending all the energy" in the animal is what you like then have at it. If having enough "what ever" to go thru an animal and "wasting" energy on the horizon is what you want then have at it. They both kill. Some of it depends on the animal we are shooting. There is a big differennce between whitetails and cape buffalo and black bears weighing 175 lbs. and a brown bear weighing 800 lbs. I do know that 50 or so years ago old man Nosler made many hunters sit up and take notice when he came out with the Nosler Partition. The thing that made it work better was deeper penetration. That was achieved by a relatively small frontal area for a given caliber and 2/3 weight retention. You can bet there has been lots of pass thrus on North American game with this bullet in the last 50 years. But, I know they both kill. I also know the one that does the most damage kills better. So I strive for a deep and wide wound channel.


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