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Thread: Mat Su Valley Range Palmer Pistol Match

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    Default Mat Su Valley Range Palmer Pistol Match

    Hello Bullseye Shooters,

    We will have a match this Sunday the 10th. This is an NRA Approved 2700 match, with sign up starting at 9 AM to start shooting at 10 AM. Hope to see you there!


    Andrea Tesch []

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    What exactly is an NRA approved 2700? Whats the course of fire? Bullseye, IDPA/IPSC style?

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    NRA Indoor Pistol Rules govern
    90 shots w/22 LR; 90 shots CF pistol, 90 shots 45 cal pistol fired at 25 yds
    2700 points total

    with each gun
    10 shots Slow fire, 25 yds, 10 minutes 3 times
    10 shots Timed fire, 25 yds 5 shots 20 seconds 3 times
    10 shots Rapid Fire, 25 yds 5 shots ten seconds 3 times

    SF target has tighter scoring rings that the RF/TF target

    all one handed, standing up. Dots/optical sights allowed.


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