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Thread: Head "crapper" facts!!??

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    Default Head "crapper" facts!!??

    Hi again, since my only experince with "crappers" is with my 10 foot camper, what would be difference in a boat?....what is the Ideal crapper system to have? there a special pump to "unload" the black tank while at some docks, or does it have to go back on the trailer and plan a visit to an RV site sani dump and gravity feed?..i realize you can dump at sea with alot of rules that i have to read up on before we hit the "chuck"!..anyway, any advice you guys have about this crappy subject would be helpful, as well as any "funny" stories you wish to share????.....thanks again larry

    ps....and as far as boats...the "29' wooldridge takes the lead! (well, until tomoroow anyway)

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    Default Some reading for you:

    2696 Sea Raider Pilothouse

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    I would just emphasize that we are talking about boats here.
    Rule number 1 is that sooner or later everything on a boat will break.

    Keep this in mind when selecting a crapper.
    I carry a porta-pottie.
    I can't come to bed right now honey - somebody on the internet is wrong.

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    What I have vs. what I wish I had:

    Have a toilet that pumps waste into a holding tank. To empty the tank, I have to use the pumpout station (free at Seward, mega $ at Whittier) at the docks.
    I would like the same setup, but one that has a macerator. That's the pump that chews up and pumps overboard the waste from the tank via a hose to a through-hull fitting. If you can find a spot 3 miles or more out to sea to dump, then it's just a flick of the switch. Or I suppose you could rig it so that you could dump at an RV place. Or if you have a sewer line cleanout at your house, then you could dump into it since you have the macerator.

    I don't know of any systems that allow emptying of the tank using gravity.

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    Porta Pottie or 5 gal bucket and plastic bag!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maast View Post
    Post the year, and it's only January! Thanks Maast, great links!

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    I would like to know how many of you guys that have the macerator just pump it out where ever you are at the time? legal or not, I know i've seen where it's been done in Suprise cove and other small lagoons. I think if your going to dump at least get out a ways and in some deeper water.

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    Default Marine Sanitation Devices

    This subject comes up every so often and (I think) is generally misunderstood by the average boater. Maast posted some great links, here's another: and Muskie is asking the critical question; who is breaking the law as applied to boat sewage? Here's some things to consider: First, think about why the law (references in both 33 C.F.R. and 46 C.F.R.) exists in the first place...simply put, to avoid polluting the water with untreated (fecal coliform bacteria) waste that has the potential to cause human disease. In Alaska, (because of the low population densities), it's possible to meet the intent of the law and still break the letter of the law. I would never suggest that meeting the intent justifies breaking any law, I simply make that statement as to help the reader better understand (at the risk of starting long discussions leading to personal decisions, morality and issues best left out of this thread!)...but I digress.

    We could divide Alaska into two categories, salt water and fresh water. Let's consider salt water first; to discharge untreated waste, you must be at least 3 miles off shore as designated by the light gray lines (see chart photo - incidentally none of these 'donut holes' exist inside PWS). In fresh water, no untreated discharge allowed (sorry, I'll have to research the reference; I can't recall it from memory - somebody please correct me if I'm in error). Also, there are other agencies with vested interest in sewage disposal at federal, state and local levels as well when it comes to waste...(EPA, DEC, muni's, etc).

    Now, how to best equip your boat? It really depends on the boat; from a practical matter, a porta-potti works best in smaller boats and installed heads are convenient in bigger boats...I guess that would be logical, eh?

    And, finally, THE question; to dump or not to dump. I would guess most boaters 'justify' their decisions on this particular subject based on a convenience/need basis. If you have 'elevated' standards/sense of propriety, you might choose to properly/legally dispose of untreated waste at approved pump-outs or in legal dump areas....I'd bet that the people who consistently 'bend' the rules to better accomodate their particular situations also don't pick up behind their dogs, speed/run stop signs when they think no one is looking and various other 'minor infractions' I right? Only if you feel guilty enough will most of us boaters follow the letter of any law when we think it either doesn't apply to us or we think we can get away with it...a very human characteristic, I'm afraid. Boat Safe! (Spend the winter preparing for boating, it makes spring come sooner!) Mike
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    great links guys!! thanks!...have created some short cuts, all in a file now!...i guess i will ask what type of head i will be getting with the new boat, and make sure it can be worked on with a limited amount of fuss!...i dont know about most of you guys, but my "gag" response is "highly tuned".......thanks again larry

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    I am just really happy that this thread wasn't titled "crapper head facts"......In fact at first glance, that is precisely what I thought it said. I guess that if you don't follow what Mike recommends that is exactly what you would be

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    Default Does anyone have

    this, or have they heard of this, or have any comment on this?

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    .....I remember this one time , crossing Queen Charlotte Sound , at the bold decision of our young skipper:

    -in this 1947 56' seiner....October, 1994.....
    (yeah, we were late traveling back to Seattle, after the summer salmon and fall chum seasons, due to a busted starter to the 671 Detroit Diesel)....

    -yep.........Hurricane, gale-force winds....skipper thought he could run down in front of it-

    -stabilizer bars and fish lowered.........-port-side stabilizer broken right in half before we hobbled in to Nanaimo(where we then had to wait to get "permission" off the boat a day later ,from the Canadian authorities)...-it was a "whose country does the fish belong to " thing.....different story, for someone more knowledgeable than me to tell...-


    -back to the "CRAPPER" subject..............

    :Just remember............when in high seas.......WATCH OUT BELOW!....when sitting in the "head" and you hear the prop lifted out of the chop, along with an elevated tone of RPM.......
    -if not ready to move real quick... your bum will get an abrupt, chilled splashing!!



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