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Thread: 416 Hornady Interbonds?

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    Default 416 Hornady Interbonds?

    Looked for them at Midway USA and they said they are discontinued by Hornady. Anybody know why?

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    I would imagine they didn't sell enough to keep making them. 416 just isn't that popular a diameter. But you could call Hornady at 1-800-338-3220 and ask them. Their phone message is priceless, makes me laugh every time I call them.
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    Dang, that is what I am loading into my 416 Taylor... I only have two boxes of bullets........el-crapo
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    gb is correct by saying that we .416 guys are few in number and so market share is small for our niche in the shooting sports. I suspect though that the real culprit is that with their relatively new DGX in .416 and the standby .416 Interlock in production that these provide too little interest for the Interbond. I personally have no need of better performance than the 400 grain Interlock will provide and so I am not going to spend an extra penny on a bonded bullet for NA game for my .416. Perhaps for larger game, but the .416 400 grain Interlock is about tops in my book for an expanding .416 considering performance and cost.


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