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Thread: Scope Crosshair Alignment

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    Default Scope Crosshair Alignment

    What is the best way to align scope crosshairs? Is there a tool that makes this easy that is reasonable on price? Wheeler offers a set of levels, but I don't know if they are reliable.

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    Default cross hairs

    I have a laser bore sighter that also does the alignment. If you are in Fairbanks I will let you borrow it.

    An inexpensive methode is to tack a string with a weight on it (like a plumb bob) onto your target and put your rifle in a rest so it is sitting level and then just align your verticle cross hair to the string. It is just as effective.

    Good luck,

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    Default Crosshair alignment

    This is my biggest pet peave. Whatever you do, dont buy the wheeler engineering bubble level thingy's, absolute junk. Brownells sells a jig for this, but havent tried it yet. I think its like $40. Its dependent on the rifle manufacture drilling your base holes perfectly in-line w/barrel. Something to keep in mind is not all crosshairs are exactly perpendicular. They have a tolerance from the scope manufacture, just like evrything else. A plum bob works well, but you still have to eyeball the leveling of the rifle unless you have a flat spot for a level that you know is parallel to the ground. Another good one is to tack one of those 100 yard grid sight-in targets on the wall and make sure its level, then find a way to level the rifle. Good luck, let me know if you find something.

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    Default Scope Crosshair Alignment

    That's an interesting subject. I always find it a struggle to get the cosshairs set up so that they appear plumb and level each time the rifle is shouldered. Just can't stand that "rolled off" look when that doesn't happen. To date, I'm not convinced I have ever had a scope and rifle mounted that is truly plumb and level in relation to each other. I can tell you that eveyone I've ever owned has been mounted so that the cross hairs look as they should when I shoulder my rifle.
    Having said that, I have also heard various discussions about how accuarcy is affected by the scope to rifle relationship. Have never heard exactly why this concept does or doesn't work, or if it bears weight or is all "mule muffins" as Murphy would say.
    To date I continue to mount and adjust my scopes on my rifles to suit me, and have and continue to see, the quality results in small group size I seek on paper at the range.
    Best was a 3/8" - 3 shot group with a 7X57 winchester feather weight model 70 and - a 2.5 weaver (older model steel) scope. Mind you that was a few years back in pre bi-focal days. (not a boast, just had an exceptionally good day)
    Any how......I wonder about the level/plumb theories about scope to gun alignment and accuracy.

    Any "Gurus" on the matter care to educate me?

    For what it's worth,
    ps - Season's greetings to All.

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    Default PS Benchrest Primer

    Precision Shooting Benchrest Primer has a good article on rifle cant and the effects of crosshairs not being level.

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    I mount the scope loosely and eyeball it to level, using a vertical line as reference. Then I close my eyes, shoulder the rifle and open my eyes. If it still looks level, I try the same thing, shouldering it on my left shoulder. If it looks straight both righ and left handed, it's good enough for me.

    I've looked through other folks' rifles and some are straight for them, but off for me.

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    Default B Square Crosshair Square

    You can get a B Square Crosshair Square for about $11 off of the web. Works pretty good.

    So Many Guns, So Lttle Time!

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    Default Crosshair Alignment

    Thanks for the input. The Wheeler bubbles are out. I think I can afford the plumbline. How does the B Square work, HC? Eleven dollars is certainly reasonable if it is accurate. AkBubba, what brand and model of lazer bore sighter do you have?


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