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Thread: POW Alpine Blacktail Hunt

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    Default POW Alpine Blacktail Hunt

    Hi All--

    I am interested in doing an alpine deer hunt on POW Island this coming summer. I have looked into hunting in the Josephine Lake area. Has anyone that area and if so how was the hunting? Any other recommendations for fly-in alpine deer hunts on POW?


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    Try to get ahold of Gooch on this forum. He has a place in Coffman Cove and may be able to help you. He mentioned some alpine hunting last time I spoke with him.

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    Craig on POW


    Josephine and nearby Summit Lake have produced some nice deer. Josephine has a Forest Service rental cabin thus it gets a bit more pressure than other areas. You can book it through It is routinely booked around the non-local opener, you can book it 6 months in advance.

    Be sure to check the regs, much of the Island is closed except for locals until Mid-August. You have to check the Federal Subsistence Regs to see what is actually open and closed. The wording is as follows,
    Federal public lands on Prince of Wales Island,
    excluding the southeast portion (land south of the
    West Arm of Cholmondeley Sound draining into
    Cholmondeley Sound or draining eastward into
    Clarence Strait), are closed to hunting of deer from
    Aug. 1ľAug. 15, except by Federally qualified subsistence
    users hunting under these regulations.


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    Default Josephine

    Used to be great but has gotten hit hard over the years.
    Even a jackass won't stumble on the same stone twice.


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