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    Hey All, I plan on moving to the Soldotna area this spring, I plan on buying a used 20 ft fish rite driffter. I'm wondering have any of you ran a driffter with a kicker motor?? I was thinking about a 9.9 or ???
    My biggest question is would a 20ft wide beam with a kicker run up river very well?? What kind of speed can I expect? I know the Kenai has some swiffter areas just a ball park figure is what I'm looking for?

    Also is there a shuttle service that runs on the Kenai or Kasilof? Or do you just hitchhike back up to where you put in at??


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    Default Most have someone

    Most of us have someone to go with and do the two vehicle option. One left down stream and the other at the drop off. As for the kicker idea?? Well IDK. Never did that yet, but I have to say 9.9 ain't much on a 20. Specially with current also check the regs on the use of drift/motor. I think you'll find your answer there.

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    I use a 15 hp merc bigfoot on my Koffler 20' driftboat, speed about 3-5 mph, but is mostly used to back-troll. Is only used when I want to fish the Kenai on powerboat days (tuesday-sunday) you cannot use a motor on the Kasilof river for fishing. Why are you buying a 20 footer? I would not own one except for my guiding business, they are burly and a handfull to row. I use a shuttle service most of the time (K&J 907-394-3700)
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