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Thread: Why does this happen????

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    Default Why does this happen????

    Seems like every winter I get infected with the "Lever Gun Itch" I swore that I would not fall for it this winter and stuck to my "guns"..... Then a buddy asked me to help him find one, got a great deal on a guide gun...... It sits on my bench as I type silently calling me........ Hate to say it but I think Iím going to have to find my buddy another one. (then secretly go to the range with the 100 plus rounds I already have loaded). This one just canít get out of my hands! Wood is not "perfect" sooooooo, Hey Hunt_AK, need some more Durakote


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    So very sorry to hear of your affliction........... Get well soon.
    Ps. I am loving the Glock 35


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