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    i live in canada and i wana start handloding for my browning bar safari 338 win mag do u need to have a lisence to get gun powder? and since its a semi auto i cant max lodes do i have to keep light lodes ?

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    Down here in the good 'ol USA no license is required to buy powder, not sure about your country.

    Most production ammo is sold at near max load levels so you will be fine. I have no experience loading for a semi auto 338WM but I do load for a bolt action 338WM with good results.

    H-4831 has proven to be a good powder with 250gr Partitions for me.

    Good luck...

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    since its a semi auto do u loose some energy of the round since some energy comes back to eject the shell?

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    The action may not cycle reliably with light loads so I would reload to achieve velocities near factory loads.
    You can always make reduced loads and see how reliable they are and if they fully cycle the bolt.

    I had one of the early production BAR's in 300WM and it was very finicky.

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    A good rule of thumb is to follow the recipe in the loading manual and try different loads, some will get better accuracy than others. There is a lot of good information in the loading manuals other than just the powder charges and bulllet weights. Buy or borrow one or two and sit down and read through them on a long cold winter night. enjoy


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