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    Any word on the Nelchina Caribou movement this late?

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    Not sure if this helps, but I took the wife and 11 year old daughter up the Taylor the last few days it was open (11-13 Dec). DIdn't see any fresh sign nor Caribou up past the 60 mile marker (where we could hunt 40-Mi Bou) but we saw a ton of Caribou from 10 mile to 35 mile. Had around 20 within 50 yards but just had to admire them as they were supposedly Nelchina Caribou. There was a herd of aroun 200 or more up on Mt Fairplay. It would be easy to get to them if you had a snoiwmachine. If not, plenty were still crossing the road headin West. Since they're supposed to be Nelchina Caribou you'd be in business.


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