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    i live in canada and i wana start handloding for my browning bar safari 338 win mag do u need to have a lisence to get gun powder? and since its a semi auto i cant max lodes do i have to keep light lodes ?

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    You would do better over on the handloading forum, down 2 from this shooting forum.

    I don't think you need a license to reload in Canada but you should contact the RCMP to be sure what you can and canít have. I have declared powder and primers in Canada for trips up the highway to Alaska with no trouble. There quantity limits on powder in metric thatís about 8 pounds and 2000 primers I think it was at the border, you as a Canadian may be allowed more. You may find US based companies wont ship you components in Canada and the prices for them are much more in Canada.

    I'm not that familiar with the BAR but it's gas operated and is more likely to not cycle from under loading than over, however more gas will cycle it harder and so weir faster. Most gas systems can be tinkered with to shoot about anything. Many have the ability to install or come with gas port adjustors so you can shoot whatever you need by turning a knob. Like all reloading, what will work in that gun will be a matter of trial and error.
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    oh sory i dident now ther was a reloding forum


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