OK I would love for this to somehow reach the ears of Mr Harrison over in Wasilla! I shot the finest take down longbow of my life yesterday! The hair on the back of my neck literally stood on end and my second shot was dead center of the 10 ring! The bow was almost as fast as my Kodiak TD, rock solid stable and had very little hand shock. It was of course a original Jack Harrison longbow made by the man myself! 51#@29 inches and built as if made for me and my big hands. The tip overlays and accents are cape buffalo horn and it's snake skin backed.

Best of all it is for sale if you ever have considered owning a Harrison get over to the archers den and talk to Paul! You will not see a bow like this at the asking price again. I just added a rather expensive bow to my collection, otherwise it would have come home with me last night.

PS I have a e-mail for Mr. Harrison, love to talk bows with him someday but I'm a bit star struck and afraid to try and contact him.