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    Default Rental Cabin

    The Wife and I are looking for a reasonable priced rental cabin with skiff for crabbing and fishing in the P.W. Sound for July 2010.
    Any Ideas with first hand experience.


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    Default First of all

    There is no crabbing in Prince William Sound in the summer times.
    The only cabins for rent that I know of is the state cabin at Decision Point which has a stay limit of 7 days and the 4 or so forest service cabins (on the west side)

    State cabins are reserved here for questions.

    Forest Service cabins

    For the note. State cabins can be reserved 6 months to the day as a non resident 7 months to the day as a resident starting at 10 am Alaska time

    Forest service cabins are 6 month to the day at 10 am Eastern

    So us Alaskans have to be online at 6 am to get the cabins (I know, I was up at 5:45 on xmas day to get the Paulson Bay cabin for the 24th and 26th of June.)

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    The state cabins are reasonably priced, but you'll either need your own boat to get to them, or have a charter take you out, and pick you up, and you'd still need a boat to fish from.

    While not inexpensive, you might want to look into renting a cabin cruiser boat for a long weekend, and just sleeping on the boat. That way you won't be tied down to fishing by a paticular cabin, and price wise might not be too much difference when you factor in the cost of a drop off and pick up. Not to mention that most of the cabins aren't right off the best fishing spots.


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