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    Hey guys I'm looking for info on hunting blacktail on POW? I have been there bear hunting so know the areas and stuff some what just looking for time line on when to go how to hunt where to hunt high or low weather etc. any info would be great!! Thanks


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    If I were to make another trip down there for deer hunting I would go around the second week of November.

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    Thanks can you tell me a little bit about your hunt I'm not looking for spots just info on weather activity where you hunted high or low etc.


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    November is the popular time as the rut is strong and bucks are moving. Don't need to climb high for good action and they are responsive to the call. For a quality animal November can't be beat. That being said don't overlook the early alpine season. Lots of daylight, usually better weather and not as many hunters running around. The alpine season is really the only spot and stalk you'll get around here. The terrain and views are awesome. If you get off the beaton path you'll see lots of animals and have some good chances at a quality critter. If you've got the $$ flying into an alpine lake will be a hunt you won't soon forget.


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