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    Default Browning's Mountain Ti

    what do you guys think of them i have not gotten to hold one and i am wanting one in a 300 wsm for a sheep hunting rifle i have lots of big bores i am looking for somthing nice light. what are the thoughts on this it is around 5.5 pounds

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    Well if you are set on the 300 WSM round for your sheep hunting rifle then sure the Browning TI would be a good choice if you got the $$$.

    However, since you stated you already got the big bore thing covered why not think about going 7-08 in a Kimber Montana for less $$$ and less weight??

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    I have a 300 wsm Ti browning. It shoots great. every factory load I tried grouped under an inch. No mechanical or reliablity issues with the browning. Recoil with this light weight gun is significant from the bench.

    It is a much better gun than the several kimbers I have owned.

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    i really want a 300wsm i am not sure why but i have wanted one for some years now reading reviews they say the browning feeds very nice. i like 300wsm for the fact that i can load it with alot of differnt bullets and i have other 30 cal.

    i have held the kimber before i they just dont feel right in my hands very light gun for sure.

    my other choice on calibers i was thinking but dont know alot about is the 30-378 weatherby but needs a long barrel to perform well so i am going for light and small for sheep hunting

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    30-378 is a bit much for sheep except perhaps Asian hunting and if you don't reload the cost of factory ammo can be a bit intimidating.....IMO. Brownings are highly thought of by their users. Their triggers are a bit complex to work on in the field but otherwise a Browning Ti in 300 WSM or better yet 7mm WSM should make a dandy sheep gun.

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    i hand load so ammo cost is not an issue i am planing a sheep hunt in the wrangles and i want to have light rifle that is depenable i have been using my ruger 338 wm for sheep hunting and it is just a bit heavy any one know how to make a ruger m77 mk11 nice and light? i have thought about the 7mm but i like that i could load up a heavy bullet if i needed in the 300 next time i am anchorage i need to find the A bolt and hold it and see how it feels

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmk4x4 View Post
    my other choice on calibers i was thinking but dont know alot about is the 30-378 weatherby but needs a long barrel to perform well so i am going for light and small for sheep hunting
    That is the top speed king for sure but do you really want to pay > $4.00 per shot? As mentioned in another response, the 30-378 is over kill for sheep.

    I have a step brother with a 300WSM and he loves it. He took his first Dall Sheep on the Brooks this past year with my other brother that shoots a 338WM. Both were successful this past August.

    I have an Uncle that shoots a Ruger 7mmRM up there and has taken more than his share of sheep with that round as well as a .243Win. Bigger is not always better, there are plenty of light weight 243's floating around.

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    If you are set on the .300 WSM, the Browning Ti is definitely the way to go IMO. I almost bought one, but went with a Weatherby Ultra Lightweight because I wanted to try the .280. I don't think you'll go wrong with the Ti.

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    Default Sheep gun

    I found my .264 win mag is perfect for Dall Sheep. It's on a magnum mauser action with a 26" barrel, Bold Optima trigger at 2 1/2 lb pull

    Light enough to pack up the hills all day and crawl across everything to get close enough to get a good shot.

    I use 77gr IMR4831 with 135gr Hawk round tip bullets

    You'll not have to worry about any equipment issues using a mauser action bolt rifle. anyone else out there like mauser actions?

    I've used my 30-378 and yes, It is too much on a sheep closer than 100 yds but 400yds would be a no problem shot and if you can calculate the math: bullet drop, distance, elevation, wind, temp, humidity and are sighted in... a 30-378 will take that 600yd shot.
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