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Thread: Riding the Talkeetna River

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    Default Riding the Talkeetna River

    I'm planning a trip up the river this week and riding the river would save a lot of time. I know it runs pretty shallow in the fall and I would assume that there is a designated trail like the Big Su for people that have cabins but I have never actually been on the river in the winter. Can anyone give me any type of report? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    There is no designated trail on the Talkeetna Rv. I would just follow where every one else is going. Just make sure you pay attention and look for open water and overflow, river travel is never safe. Take some gear in case you have problems.

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    Default Can be done

    There are a couple of cabins above the Sheep River and the access to those in the winter is done via the Talkeetna River. They usually have a trail from the boat launch in Talkeetna. Like the previous post, be watchful for overflow and open water. Also, there can be some really nasty drops created by the ice buckling and moving. The water can be waist deep in areas and its really cold. (Speaking from actually getting wet at -28 in January, gotta love Bunny Boots.) The trail usually follows the sand bars and crosses at the shallow spots. I have been up to the first canyon just before Disappointment Creek but ice levels in the canyon can be iffy.

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    If you go, I'd appreciate any info you can provide on river conditions just from Talkeetna to Clear Creek. It would make the run to our cabin much faster than the trail through the woods.
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