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    I have been doing some reading on many of the early hunters in Alaska history.
    One person who I would like to find out more about is Alaska Nellie.
    I am wondering if anybody knows what she hunted with.
    Nellie Neal is found all over the Internet but not much information on where she shot her sheep. She beat out Eleanor O'Connor and Rita Oney with the largest dall sheep shot by a woman. She shot it during her time on the Kenai and for Seven years it would have been the world record. It was shot in 1917 and presently is # 23 in the BC Records. It scored 180 (39 1/4 X40 3/4) bases.(14 3/4 x15 1/4). You have to think how much it shrank because I don't think it was entered until the 50s. She had a museum in a place called Grandview which is out of Seward. She also ran a roadhouse in Curry, Alaska which is present day Talkeetna. She was featured in Life magazine and had a documentary about her. There is a book called Alaska Nellie about her life and she was quite a character.

    I have been busy looking at old pictures on Vilda during break. I have talked with many older timers as well so it has been good.

    I am just wondering if you folks have any other sources on her.


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    Actually she ran the roadhouse at Currry for the railroad, This was not Talkeetna but several miles north of Talkeetna. Her last roadhouse was near mile 22 of the Seward highway. FYI last I heard ,this place was for sale. Her origional cabin is still there but the place is a wreck. A relative of the previous owner had a huge teen party and thrashed the place. You may be able to find some info on her at the anchorage museum in the ARR section. The ARR records are also stored at the national archives downtown anchorage. I recently saw some lamps of hers on CL, perhaps that person has some info. And the grandview was also on the ARR, several miles north of Seward. This site was recently added to the historic registry but there is really nothing to see, years of heavy snowfall destroyed the site

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    You might try the archives, if the posts are still there. There was a lot of information shared on her, previously. Hopefully the rules changes haven't deleted them. There were links to photos and videos of her and her place. Actually her last roadhouse was at Lawing, on Kenai Lake, and was a whistlestop for the Railroad. Curry got burned up, the whole town. The Feds came in and burned all the buildings except for the lookout on the ridge. All that is left is foundations and a RR siding. They did not want others to take advantage of the use of the facilities. A lot of well to do politicians and their cronies used to vacation there, as well as at Lawing. I never heard where she killed her ram that she entered in the B&C Book of Records. I did however hear that there were at least four others involved in the hunt and a few more that helped with the camp chores. Back then if one was on a quest for trophy animals, they had to go on extended expeditions. No doubt some of the lore surrounding her, is just that, but she had to have been hard as nails in her younger years.
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    yes lawing is near mile 22 of the seward Hwy.

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    there are 10 pages on Nellie in "Remarkable Alaska Women" by Cherry Lyon Jones.
    Not sure if there is anything in there you don't know, but the book is available at denali and probably in seward.
    i could probably get you a copy signed by the author.... she's my mom.
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    hey homerdave .. sent you a pm

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    If you can find it anywhere, her autobio was published in the 40's by seattle printing an publishing titled alaska nellie (yea I looked it up)

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    That is a pretty cool video thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

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