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Thread: Setup for Kenai kings

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    Default Setup for Kenai kings

    Happy New Year,

    Going boat fishing on the Kenai this July with some friends and wondering what setup to use for kings. What lures, hook sizes, leader length and size weight are good? Any one specific method best, back trolling or drifting? Any good sources out there for fishing that river? Thanks!

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    We went on the Keni river in July 2006 for two days. There was three of us fishing and the guide run the boat. We fished two days and caught four kings. Three weighted 45 lbs. and one weighted 38 lbs. We had a great time and was impressed with our guide, a real joy to be out with. He was about 20 years old and knew how and where to fish. His mother and father was also guides on the Keni River. Sorry I forgot there names. We was there the last week of July and we back trolled with Lure Jenson Jet Divers. A two to three foot leader was attached with a spin-n-glow in front of a 5/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook tied with a egg loop. The hot color for the spin-n-glow at that time was clown (yellow with orange dots) and a egg sac was used in the egg loop. I think we backtrolled with about 45 feet of line out from the rod tip. I hope this helps.

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    Default Drifting eggs

    I'm pretty limited as far as kings go, but we did catch 2 kings drifting eggs/spin-n-glows above Big Eddy, pretty much across from RW's fish camp. If you're new to fishing the Kenai in July, it can be a little crazy and drifting for us was a little more relaxing than backtrolling. Best thing (at first) is to use store bought complete rigs from Trustworthy. We caught the kings on a clown sng setup. One thing while doing this, it's easy to let out too much line while drifting but all you want is to occasionally bump the bottom (can't remember which size sinker we used). We put out too much line at first and lost a few rigs by snags. Hope this helps!

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    Default Hire a Guide

    Unless you have fished for kings on the Kenai before I recommend that you hire a guide for your first trip out. You would learn not only how to navigate around the river, but also a few good holes and fishing techniques. After that you may be able to handle the river, the traffic, and fishing on your own if you are an experienced boater.

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    Joe gives some very good advice; boating the Kenai is not a simple task for those who haven't seen it before. There are many hidden gravel bars and LOTS of boat traffic to contend with, so going with someone that knows it well at least once or twice is highly recommended.

    That being said, if I were fishing the Kenai for the first time in a boat I would drift Eagle Rock all day. It's a short run from either the Pillars or Eagle rock boat launch, so you don't need to know a large stretch of river. The technique is more user friendly in my opinion, and requires a little less skill/knowledge than back trolling or bouncing. And it's a productive fishing hole in general.

    All you need is a 2-3 oz weight above a ~2ft leader with a spin & glow and eggs on an egg loop; turn the boat sideways and drag it downstream (you can learn a lot about etiquette and technique by watching other boats as well)

    Just my .02

    fishing isn't about life or death... it's more important than that.

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    Thank you all for great replies. Will be going with someone that has a fair amount of experience on the Kenai but the king fishing part is a bit short from what I understand. Hiring a guide is a good idea to get the kinks out and will definitely hit Trustworthy as well.


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