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Thread: Caribou regulations question

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    Default Caribou regulations question

    In the regulations for GMU 24A for caribou it says that there is no closed season for caribou bulls for residents. Under limits, 5 per day is listed. It does have double star next to it referencing hunters living north of the Yukon River donít need to fill out harvest tickets.

    Does this mean its open season all year for bulls for all residents of Alaska or just if you live north of the Yukon? And if it 5 per day does this mean thereís no limit for the year? Does'nt sound right am I missing something?


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    you not missing anything, the limits are correct however you can only [also] haul back across the yukon 2 at any one time.. most these areas with susistance limits on them.. (5 a day-15 a day) are widley inaccessable by the road hunter. though in some spots you may see five in A day... you won't see any more for several more years ( in that location)... the caribou have rather customary travle routes and the limits may extend unit wide,,, but they only cross one corner of it... does that make sence?
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    Yes, the season on bulls is open all year long. That is due to their migratory nature.
    If you live N. of the Yukon you have to get a harvest form sorta deal and carry that when hunting. That allows you 5 per day all season.
    If you live S. of the Yukon, you must get caribou harvest tickets/tags. I think you can only get 5 tags. So south residents can only harvest 5 bou total.
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