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Thread: Yamaha 4stroke clutching??

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    Default Yamaha 4stroke clutching??

    I have pretty much decided that the wife and I will be getting a pair of Yamaha sleds, hopefully for next season. That said I was talking to a Phazer owner this year and they were complaining that it would drag the track when they let off the gas. Basically they compared it to engine braking on a quad which would be a huge negative. My cousin has an Apex and he says that his doesn't have this problem but that he had his clutch upgraded, so I thought I would put the question up here. Does anyone else find that their Phazer or other yamaha does this? If so is there a fix? I like my wheelers engine braking but when it comes to sleds I don't want it dragging the track unless I pull the left hand lever!

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    Yamaha fixed the problem in the '09 model year.

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    I got a Apex 2 years old and it took me all of about 1 day to get used to it. Now I love it. It will give you power control.
    Try it you Will like it.
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    Default Clutching

    I have a 06 Apex MTN and the engine breaking is strong because of the gear drive system used to reduce the engine RPM's to keep it within the optimal range for clutching(8,000 to 8,700 rpm's).When you let off the throttle you have to ease out of it or you will go staight over the bars, in the deep powder it is worse. I am good for going over at least once a trip.
    My wifes Phazer MTN(07) does the same thing just no where near the same amount, so is alot easier to get used to. That being said dont let the engine braking worry you, you get used to it and dont use the brakes all that much.

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    Default Yamaha strokes

    You do have engine braking on 4 stroke Yamaha's.I really like it alot. You almost never need to use sled brakes. Just ease off the throttle and you control your speed that way. Ride one for an hour you will see what I mean.
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