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Thread: 30 06 managed recoil rounds

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    Default 30 06 managed recoil rounds

    Does anyone know where I can buy the Remington managed recoil rounds for a 30 06 in the Anchorage area? I've been looking but no luck. Thanks.

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    Post kickless 30-06 rounds?

    30-06 rounds that have 80% less powder and replaced with non flammable Dacron in them to prevent the bullet from developing higher velocities and energy?

    A. You can make these yourself of have a reloader whip up a batch
    b. Remington factory loads are fairly wimpy to begin with compared to what one can achieve out of the 30-06 brass with the right powder and bullets. Hence one can easily load down as up.
    c. The lighter the bullet weight, the less the kick. (Newton's 2nd law of motion) So you may want to go with 125gr bullets. They kick way less than 180 or 200 grain bullets but are way more faster and flatter shooting.

    So if you can't find "kickless" cartridges, you may want to look at wolf ammo in 30-06. It is loaded down and not very powerful, hence less recoil.

    Option B is go to a gun shop and get a name and number of a guy that reloads in 30-06.

    You can just pull the bullet and drop powder volume and add the space in with a non propellant to decrease the velocity.

    Most guys that reload would do this for you if you talk to them an tell you what they need.

    There has got to be someone on this forum that may live close to you that would help you out on this.

    Managed recoil loads are spendy and seldom stocked on most detail shelves because they are a special run and are a ripoff price because of marketing.

    A veteran reloader can tell you about how much kick and energy you will get out of a cartridge by the amount of powder charge and bullet weight.

    take out 20% of the propellant and drop to a light grain bullet and you will have a managed recoil cartridge.

    Or for a few bucks you can get a bullet puller (looks like a hammer) and hand dies to seat the bullet and do it yourself. Talk to a reloader on just what you need. It's easy and fun to reload.

    initial cost of set up will be like buying 3 boxes of loaded cartridges, but you will make up double or triple the amount of ammo by reloading.

    hope this helps
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    i am making them for the kids now.. light easy loads of SR 4759.. and some 110 gn speer sp and 125 gn hornady soft point and some 150 hornaday fmj i think the .243 kicks harder..
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    I know I've seen Remington's managed recoil ammo at Sportsman's. You might check there if you haven't already.

    The other 299,300,000 people can have it.

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    According to Hodgdon Powder company you can use any maximum charge recipe that they publish with H-4895 and reduce it to 60% of that value for a very light load without pressure issues.

    Based on that information a 110gr bullet with a charge of 34.2gr of H-4895 is as light of a load that you can get. If your not a reloaded I'm sure you can find a guy in the local area that can help you out.

    There are recipes for 125gr, 130gr and 135 gr bullets in the link below:


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