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Thread: Change Tag Preference?

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    Default Change Tag Preference?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change your Drawing tag preference... after the fact?

    For instance, I applied for three goat tags; Now on the extremely rare chance that the first round pops me up for two goat tags, I would get tag with the higher preference.

    Due to unseen circumstances at the time of draw I would prefer to have the preference changed. There is an off chance that I would not be able to hunt one of the higher preference tags; whereas I could definetely hunt a lower preference tag.

    I would hate to draw a tag and not be able to hunt it; thus screwing a fellow hunter of a potential oppurtunity. Obviously if I can't, and I do draw (rare enough indeed) I would make every effort to hunt said tag. However something has come up in that particular time slot that might prevent me from hunting during that time.

    If anyone knows I would appreciate it.

    Another option is simply removing my name from the pot for that tag... however I would understandably like to keep my options open at this point in time.


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    I highly doubt it, but the ONLY way you will know is to call F&G....

    Unless someone has actually done it on here, it'll all be speculation

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    I talked to F&G about "editing" my applications a few days ago. Long story short, you have to do it in person using a paper form supplied at the F&G offices. AND the form has to be PROCESSED prior to Dec 31st. At least that's what the tech I talked to said.

    I didn't try it though, so can't comment on if it actually works or not.



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