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Thread: best raft for moose float trip

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    Default best raft for moose float trip

    I'm planning a trip on a class 1 river n of Kotzebue will be 2guys and a weeks sort of food gear hoping to bag two moose what's the best raft for the job.

    Thanks. Tim

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    Default A link...or two

    older thread that turns to float hunting raft choices with comments by some pros and a raft shopping primer:

    Didn't find as many threads as expected in a quick Advanced Search of the forums, but here's another - with discussion not so much about the best for float hunts, but some advice about smaller capacity rafts and cautions about choosing a raft with too little capacity.

    Renting an option? The cost of buying/shipping gear for trips might also make renting from an outfitter worthwhile. Good luck.

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    Default Big Boats for Big Loads

    There are only three boats out there that I would be comfortable putting two guys and two moose in.

    1. AIRE Super Leopard.

    2. AIRE Cougar.

    3. Cata-Canoe. Any matched pair of canoes can be used, but it was originally pioneered commercially (as near as I can tell) with a pair of AIRE Travelers.

    All three setups are pricey. All three boats have roughly a 3,000# capacity, which should give you plenty of space for the 1200# of moose you're talking about, plus people and gear. You also have the other cataraft advantages:

    - Better performance in headwind situations

    - Ability to realistically use an outboard motor for faster downstream travel

    - More room to spread out than what you get in a round boat

    - Easier carry. You don't have to pack the entire boat, since it is in two pieces. This helps both on and off the river.

    It should be noted that putting 3,000# in ANY inflatable is going to have consequences in terms of handling. But at least with these, you are not pushing your boat to its capacity limits or running out of physical space. They can handle the weight, if you can handle the boat. Also keep in mind that many of our rivers can be at all-season low levels during the fall hunting season. Some dragging is inevitable on some rivers, so choose your river carefully.

    If you find that these boats are too expensive, you might search craigslist for something on the used market. I bought my Super Leopard, with frame, straps, oars and anchor system for $2,000. Those deals are rare, but they are out there. Or you could consider a pair of 14.5' round boats.

    Hope it helps!

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    check out the "mountain buzz" website classifieds. there is an aire cougar for sale that seems reasonable.


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