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Thread: Steyr M95 8x56R

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    Default Steyr M95 8x56R

    I picked up an M95 short rifle.....not sure if it was a carbine or stutzen. It felt very handy kinda like how everyone likes the feel of a Savage 99.
    I hear the M95 kicks a might and throws a basket ball sixed fireball like a Russian Nagant carbine. But, I enjoy that stuff.

    Anyway, I see a lot of various models: banded front sights vs non-banded (I assume the banded ones are from the cut down longer original models), there are Austrian made Steyrs and Hungarians made in Budapest, there are carbines and stutzens (not exactly the same, I hear??).

    Hornady now loads ammo for about $22.00, or I can reload reformed Russian x54R.
    Anyone have one / shot one and want to share any knowledge on what I may look for? Thanks.

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    Nice rifles eh? I got mine cheap 'cause the guy shooting it wasnt hitting anything......he was shooting 7.62X54R, a bit undersized ~~LOL!!~~ bouncing .311 down a .320 barrel.

    You can blow out some Winchester 7.62X54r brass and get up a load.

    I belive the Schtuzen was a cut down long rifle and the Carbine was born short Europe seemed to shorten all their rifles after WW1.

    I have done "Some" hunting with mine, using milsurp ammo, and a friends reloads. I had good results, being some bunnies and a Caribou on the same day.... and like the action, but it resides with my other K-31 straight pull, happy on the wall.

    Get ammo, go hunting
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    I have available some new, unfired, reloadable brass and some bullets if you are interested. Send me a PM if you are .
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    Yes ball ammo kicks! A lot! Pick up some extra en bloc clips, otherwise you have single shot. Best to load from the clip, so as not to break the extractor. Ejectors break too for some reason.
    Reloads: Lee makes dies and a bullet mold and a bullet sizer.
    Graf sells brass and bullets.
    The Graf bullets shot better for me than the resized Speer 200 Gr 338 bullets.
    I have not gotten Lee cast bullets to group yet. Keyhole at 25 yds

    Ball ammo and the Graf bullets shot fine at 100 yds., sights are crude.

    7.62X54 brass will work, but needs fire forming, and the neck is really short.
    Graf brass (or Betram) works much better.

    I put a scope on one, have not shot it yet though....

    I also have a 95M in 8X57 and I saw one in 7.5X55 a long time ago. Guy up in Plamer used to sell a few rebarreld to 30/40 Krag w/ 1903 barrels..last century

    Great fun!

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    Default Raising the front sight

    Mine was shooting five and one half inches high at 100 yards with Graf and Sons' 205 grain spire point bullets so I brazed on metal to the top of the front sight and used a file to shape the sight. Eventiually, I filed the sight to a height that changed the point of impact to one inch high at 100 yards.

    I also made my own custom recoil pad that helped take the kick out of the rifle.

    Now it is a very compact, accurate, and powerful rifle. Follow-up shots are very fast because of the straight pull bolt action.

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    Default just a historical note

    the American forces were using M1895 Winchesters and M1892 Springfield-Krag rifles. These rifles were just replacing the the Springfield Trap Door rifles.
    When you look at how old these Steyr-Mannlicher M1895's are, it's amazing they are still around. I would have to agree the wall is a great place for these rifles.

    My advice is to buy them now as they are still cheap. They will not be cheap for long and will be worth alot more in 10 years.

    Look at how Mosin-Nagants have went from 59.00 each in a barrel to 2 and three time the money in just a few years.

    I say they are worth buying as investment item as collectable rather than shooters. with that said - if a gun don't shoot then what good is it
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    I found a few empty surplus cases last year. In researching them I found this post on the surplus ammo. Kind of interesting.


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