Picked up a Sig 522 this past sunday, a lil birthday present for myself.. after I sold my Hk-91 clone. 308 isnt really plinker priced these days. I went to sportsmans ready to buy a GSG-5 and started lookin harder into their .22 corner. As soon as I saw the sig 552, I was sold. This has to be my favorite firearm I own, purely for its cheapness to shoot and the feel. I'm now thinking harder on a sig 556 as well..

Ordered another 4 mags and a rail set to go on the polymer forgrip.

I took it out to the range off Cushman and shot about 200 rounds on my lunch break. Even at -10, it performed flawlessly! I had thrown on a BSA red dot I had lieing around and it was dead on at 25 yards after only 5 shots. I was getting 1.5" groups offhand and the same at 50 yards on the bench.

So, its fun and cheap to shoot... feels like a 556 and is threaded to handle a supressor... PERFECT PLINKER