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Thread: Looking for grouse or ptarmagin, leaving from Birchwood

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    Red face Looking for grouse or ptarmagin, leaving from Birchwood

    Where is a decent place that we can actually see something . I am willing to go a couple hundred miles max to hunt . How is the Kenai Peninsula , say Skilak Lake area or something . Thanks for all the advice on here .

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    Central peninsula, between the K-rivers

    Default Why are all the grouse and ptarmigan leaving Birchwood?

    Just kidding.

    Seriously, I would not look for ptarmigan down this way, though some have posted that there are chickens to be harvested off the Hope road.

    There may be white birds up around Summit Lake and that area where you find some alder on hillsides. Never tried it, but looks likely. Maybe Manitoba Mtn. also, don't know. Don't try Skilak Loop; it's limited shooting- youth only I think.

    If I was you I'd look north toward the Peters Hills or up toward Cantwell.
    Good luck.

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    Default grouse

    I went north again and did some calling today.. No predators, but found a grouse and a lonesome hare wandering about the willows..
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