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Thread: A good wolf hunting location near wasilla??

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    Default A good wolf hunting location near wasilla??

    Hey i was just wondering where a good spot for wolf hunting is near the wasilla area wanting to plan a hunt with my 10 year old boy so he could get a wolf this year. I know that most people don't want to give a way there hunting spots but i'm new to the area use to live in Fairbanks and i would be greatful for the information.

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    It's going to be a tough one to find a spot to sit and hunt a wolf. Unless there has been a Moose/Caribou kill in the area and they're around, you're better off putting miles on the snowmachine and cutting their trail. Maybe somebody will chime in with a spot, but I'd say bundle up your son and get some miles in on the snowmachine later in the Spring when it's a bit warmer and there's more daylight.

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    another good way to look for wolves is to talk to air taxi's, sometimes they see kills out there with wolves on them and are more than willing to give the location to thin them out.
    our if you have a friend with a plane, takes alot of the footwork out of it.
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    Thats a cool picture with all the surroundings and a one big dog judging by the size of his head
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    Default wolf pic

    I was on a sheep hunt in the Alaska range and bumped into this guy.
    there was a female with him but she was too fast.


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