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Thread: Seattle Boat Show - Discount Entry Ticket

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    Default Seattle Boat Show - Discount Entry Ticket

    If your planning to attend the Seattle Boat Show, beginning Jan 29, check out this site today for $11 five day pass, a cup of clam chowder and a day's free parking:

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    Thanks for the tip, Pontiac. I've got my plane and hotel reservations and now tickets for the show thanks to your link. I noted it's only good for another 12 hours so anybody else needs to act soon. The last time I went, I wound up seeing a boat we fell in love with and found one on the east coast at a good price (picking it up and towing it home was a real adventure!). The Seattle show is great, especially the in the water show where the dreams are big time!

    By the way, my family had a 51 Pontiac Chieftan bought new in '51. I remember going cross country (well, half way) as a kid. It was a really solid car with a flat 8 if I remember right. We also had a '55 with the V-8 and the one I really loved, a '65 Bonneville convertible. That was a great car and my Dad even let me take it for senior prom! Too bad GM is dropping the Pontiac line.

    Happy New Year to all!


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