Now that we have all spent 100.00 to 200.00+ we should recognize those are dreams and plan the hunt you really will do this year.

My boys and I are making plans for a goat trip. If anyone has hunted RG226, RG230, RG231, or RG232 we would be very thankful for any knowledge you could provide about these hunts. I would really like information on RG226 and logistics that folks have used to get to the hunt area. If at all possible we would try to get the cabin that is on the lake and hunt and fish out of it for 9 days or so. My boys are getting big enough to do more backcountry hunts and look forward to bigger trips every year. This seems to add to the total money I pay to F&G. Someone once said that my hunting trips would get easier as the kids got older. I would have to agree, my wallets much lighter now.