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Thread: Anyone have any experience with Sportchief Jackets?

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    Default Anyone have any experience with Sportchief Jackets?

    Hi all.

    Just wondered if anyone has any views on Sportchief jackets and trousers?

    Many thanks for your time, and Happy New Year

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    I have a sportchief jacket that is about 15 years old and I like it. It's got the soft outer shell with a fleece inner...great for bow hunting. It's not waterproof but it does bead off a light rain fall....I just keep spraying it for the extra benefit. Breathes well and since I have had it for 15 years and it's in once piece I have to say it's tough as nails too! Not windproof but ok on mild winds. I normally used it for mid season posts in the tree stand with a thermal base layer and a medium or heavy mid layer. I'd give it a 3 1/2 star rating out of 5 only because its not windproof or waterproof...but again mine is 15 years old.

    My Dad and buddy have the pants and they both loved them for posting. Same as my jacket but the great thing about these pants apart from being warm is they have a very high back/waist so that when you bend over or sitting your back is never exposed.


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