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    For those who don't participate on Snowest's forum also, some forum members there posted three links on avalanche safety that I thought were worth re-posting over here so that everyone could benefit.

    This first one is an online avalanche course. Not a replacement for the real deal, of course, but an additional tool:

    This second one is a video of how to do a search with a beacon and probe.

    The last is a video called "A dozen more turns" that is lengthy but every single person who plays in the mountains in the winter should watch it. It's an interview with an avalanche survivor and a detailed investigation on why his group triggered an avalanche, what they did right, and what they did wrong. One person died, and the survivor nearly did so. It's a powerful video and perhaps the most important lesson in it is that if even one person thinks a slope is too risky to try, that counts as a group vote.

    By no means am I suggesting that these online training tools replace a good course in avalanche safety, I just thought they were good supplemental educational tools.
    "If snowmachiners would adopt the habits of riding one at a time and not parking at the base of avalanche prone slopes, the number of fatalities would likely be whittled by at least a third, if not by half." ~ Jill Fredston, in the book Snowstruck, In The Grip Of Avalanches.

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    Thanks for sharing these links. it will be of great help to us


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